Training for Snowboarding (aka I Need an Incentive)

5 10 2010

Maybe my eyes are still starry from our “epic” winter last year,

but I’ve been dreaming of getting back on my board since September. Season passes have been purchased.

I would love a new jacket, helmet, and goggles…and Chris says I need a new board (I can’t let go of my Gnu Factory Choice – yes, from 2002). But, all capitalism aside, I’d rather be prepared physically. This year, I actually want to train for snowboarding. How novel!

Maybe I’ll give progress reports, although I don’t know how to measure my progress. I guess I’ll know when I get on my board…

Anyway! I’m super picky about my workouts because I like to be able to divide them up into circuits if they aren’t already. These two I’ve deemed worthy:

Both of these have options to rest 1 minute between sets/exercises, which I probably won’t do, but other than that, I don’t anticipate modifying them.

One thing I’d never realized was that biking is great off-season training for snowboarding. I love being efficient!