BB Tip: Bacon Maintenance

19 08 2010

Most chicks don’t want to walk around during summer with scraped up legs, bruises, mangled fingernails or Camelb-acne. But these are small prices to pay (in my mind) to experience the rush of flying through the woods on a bike, or the accomplished feeling when you send a route.

HOWEVER, I’m still a girl. I paint my toes so my feet look good in my flip flops. I wear make-up. I actually style my hair at least 3 days a week and iron my clothes on occasion.

Mountain biking around here takes it’s toll on lady legs in the summer. The thorny bushes and shrubs scratch the hell out of me from the knees down, leaving a ton of scabbage behind. I’ll admit, I used to forgo shaving for a few days until the scabs would wash off, afraid to cut myself back open and prolonging the bacon cycle.

Not anymore! I shave over them within a day. It removes the scabs in a (semi)sanitary environment and leaves behind faint pink lines instead of crusty brown ones. Plus, if you shave off your bacon, it doesn’t itch later. Gross? Yep. Better to have only bruises instead of bruises AND scabs? Definitely!

More tips ahead for those of you who get banged up in the name of having fun…