Thank you, thank you all dear friends…

19 07 2010


Friday the 9th was my birthday (and Chris’ as well – he’s older!), but that’s not why I invited friends over. It truly happened to be the best date when most everyone was available for drinks and hanging out. I tried to keep the birthday news a secret, but Em spilled the beans when she showed up with cupcakes and a card (with an REI gift cert!!).

We had a few guests drop out the evening of, but hilarity ensued anyway. I was surrounded by my best peeps. Here’s evidence:

"Blow them out before Nature takes your wish!!" -Elizabeth

Chris decided not to come up to the deck to blow his candle out, and instead continued his game of Patio Ping-Pong. Emily punished him.

Emily, 1. Chris, 0.

The boys went inside to play pool; Elizabeth and Andrew had to hit the road, as poor Andrew had to work at 5:30am; and Em, Erin and I were just drunk enough to want to sit outside under the umbrella while the rain came down.

It was the best birthday I’ve had in many, many years. I love my friends.




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