The Struggle: Life and Routes

27 06 2010

The air quality and temperatures in MD this past week have been terrible (why am I surprised every summer?) – code orange and pushing 100 degrees. When Kristen and I got to the climbing gym last Thursday it was just as sweltering inside, so I knew I didn’t want to spend too much time hovering at the top of the wall. Get up and get down.

I’ve really been trying to work on my movement to increase my efficiency and make smoother transitions. At this point I’m consistently climbing 5.8 indoors – it’s still tough, but I’m climbing them clean for the most part. Working in the heat that night was a nice challenge, especially before the gym got crowded (read: stinky-er).

I hopped on a 5.8 called Big Puffy White Clouds. It sounded so nice and inviting in the stifling dustiness of Earth Treks

I reached a point below the small roof nearly halfway up the wall and got stuck. Every move I tried got me nowhere. My body positioning was awkward no matter which way I shifted. I downclimbed and tried again. Three times. I was ready to give up. The sweat was pouring down my back and off my nose and chin.

While Kristen was surely acquiring belayer’s neck waiting for me to make a move, I was waxing philosophical on my struggle with the route. “There is a way…Keep moving, you’ll figure it out…You solve creative problems and run a business every day…Jeez, girl!”

With that ā€“ and lots of chalk ā€“ the route became suddenly clear. Up and over the roof I went, almost losing it at least twice. When Kristen lowered me I was surprised that I pulled it off, and completely spent. Kinda like a good day at the office.




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