Bacon for Breakfast

7 09 2009

The Mr. and I set out for a simple cruiser ride after breakfast on Saturday. We were ready for the 8-9 mile loop through back roads on such a beautiful morning. We explored some roads that I hadn’t even been on in my car for years — big houses, horse farms, mountain vistas. On our last mile home, we decided to take an extra piece of road to extend our ride a little. While I was speeding down a hill, I shifted gears and my chain popped off. Of course, I was pissed because I was going to have to stop and fix it before pedaling uphill to finish the ride. We were almost home!

Bent down, getting the chain back on the chain ring, I moved the pedal. With my finger still holding the chain. Not surprisingly, the chain ring sliced the top of my index finger open. Nose running and jumping around sucking on my greasy finger, I’m sure I was the picture of cool. I got over it and took off for home, but I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as the blood was streaming out of my hand and blowing in the wind.

Only Bacon Betty could draw blood on a cruiser ride.




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