Any Day on the Trail is a Good Day

18 05 2009

No biking this weekend, but got the requisite hike in with the furry child. My best girl, Emily (of Emilog), and her dog Rischie came along for some great company. While it was a little chilly – 60 degrees and breezy – the sun was shining and everything was green. We had a(nother) downpour last night, so there were tons of muddy puddles for the pups to crash through.

Dirty Rischie

Dirty Rischie

We came across a shrub/tree I’d never seen before. I’m thinking it’s in the rhododendron family because of the leaves and flower shape. So beautiful.


Mystery plant

Walking around the fire ponds near the trail head, my memory was tripped back to fishing with my dad as a kid. The smell of a flowering tree nearby was carried on the breeze, and I immediately recognized it as familiar. The sandy soil and the low berry bushes in the area always trigger my south Jersey senses, too.

We hiked for about an hour and the pups logged at least 3x the distance that Em and I did, chasing each other through the trees. Which explains why Derby now looks like this:

A Tired Derby

A Tired Derby

Any day on the trail is a good day, but next weekend will surely include me on top of two wheels.




2 responses

18 05 2009

rischie had so much fun with db and in the puddles she can barely walk. we are both out of shape. this means it’s time for more hikes and rides with bff eryn! looking forward to a summer of exploring new trails.

18 05 2009

Woot! We are too. Can’t wait for our adventure in Shenandoah!

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