Another Go

21 02 2009

Original Post: Sunday, September 9, 2007

#3: Frederick Watershed, Fire Pond Loop
Falls: 0 Stops: 4

As I write this, I’m enjoying the cushy-ness of my couch after a shower and our favorite post-ride/-tennis/-hike lunch: burgers.

I was ready this time — ready in the sense that I knew what to expect on the trail and was looking forward to giving it another go. After the ride in Hashawha, I was eager to see how my perspective had changed for the watershed. Would I actually prefer the rock beds to the innumerable hills of my last ride? Wearing my new gloves and new shorts (padding for my hands and my ass!), I set out on the blue trail again.

Turns out, my perspective had changed. It’s amazing what a little (and I mean little) muscle memory will do. I was traversing the rocks and stumps with a tad more grace this time. My eyes were still trying to jiggle themselves out of my skull, but I’m starting to get used to it.

Somehow each hill snuck up on me today. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism I have. After each ride, I forget all of the really hard parts, ensuring that I’ll get back on the bike and ride another day. All of the 4 stops mentioned above were due to uphill climbs. My climbing ability (even without rocks) consists of pedaling uphill until it feels like I’m about to blow a gasket in my quadricep. Of course followed by not-so-zen-like heaving breaths after walking the bike to the top. Don’t get me wrong. I did pedal up most of the hills, just not the 4 steepest ones. Although I’m guessing they really aren’t that steep…

I was informed today by you guessed it, my husband-slash-biking partner-slash-smartass that I need to work on my body placement. No shit. Then I was encouraged to go over every log on the last half of the trail. Not little logs, monster logs from trees that were probably standing during the Lincoln administration. Nope. Besides, don’t I need better body placement to navigate those things?? I was just happy that I wasn’t grunting (read: screaming) nearly as much, and that I managed to stay on top of my bike. We’ll work on body placement some day soon — promise.




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